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As a young girl scout and the grand-daughter of a psychiatric nurse, Misty started participating in the art of healing at a young age. Throughout high school she took CPR and first aid classes. In college she took up several psychology classes before switching to a degree path in neuroscience. Several years of independent practice in nutrition, dieting, and her family tradition of using herbal remedies to cure ailments lead her to start lending advice to friends. Shortly after this, in 2014, Misty began her work as an Ozone Specialist. As an ozone technician she learned the importance of detoxing the body from everyday impurities, disease, and fat. Paired with proper diet protocols and exercise, Misty uses holistic alternatives to achieve a mental and physical prosperity for her clients. Misty is a member of the Edgar Cayce Foundation, as well as a trained astrologist and numerologist. She has completed coursework in Taoist Herbalism, Hatha Yoga, and astro-herbalism. Misty currently pursues a degree in Neuroscience while working on perfecting her recipes for homemade health care products, and advising her loved ones on the path to overall healing and happiness.

Please feel free to contact Misty with any questions you may have. If you would like to hire Misty for any of the areas she specializes in, she would love to hear from you!

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