Iguana Whisperer

 Looking Like Iguana Ladies

IMG_9458 IMG_9459                   DAY 2  

Breakfast: Steamed rice, 2 poached eggs, hot sauce, lettuce.



First, let me explain to you that we have no clue where we are going or   how to get there. We set out walking, thinking we will find the Westin  eventually. Until we cross paths with a lady who tells us we are going the wrong way. It’s only after making this obselete warm up lap and ending back where we started, we finally ask for some directions.




IMG_9679 IMG_9436


“I’m lost, but it’s okay. It’s so pretty here!”








Lunch: Stopped at local grocery along the way and picked up some tuna salad. Found this guy hanging out in the tree’s spying on me. Can you see the iguana?





Initially my selfies were looking like this   …      


Then A local told me they eat fruit. So I run up the bar at the beach and say, “Can I borrow a piece of fruit?”

The lady laughs at me and says, “are you going to give it back?”

In my full-throtle excitement I exclaim, “I need to feed the iguana!!”

She tells me, “you’re not suppose to feed them.”

I turned back around and said, “okay, I need a piece of fruit for myself.”


It didn’t work. Just like that my happiness level was crushed.


Then I remembered I had an orange in my bag, and we were suddenly back in business!

IMG_9473   IMG_9479


 “Iguana Whisperer.”




Now my selfie game is notable 🙂




Hey, Mom…. Remember when I had a pet Iguana and dad made me go outside and catch june bugs to feed it? So I tried, but then developed a phobia to the bugs and how they stick to your skin?



Then I put all the dead ones in a jar and brought them into the house, excited to feed my pet. Only then he didn’t eat them? Was that just a joke to get me out of the house?









Well, they eat fruit!!!!


There are some cool set-ups outside the Westin on the beach.This lady lets you make sand art!


She told us about the girl on the island who makes bikini’s. Again, we hear about this chick! She must be amazing.

New goal: Must. Find. Bikini. Girl.


Ways to get creative with your workout

1) Hike. Make sure you wear comfy shoes. I recommend Nike. I take my Nikes, backpack, and a bikini everywhere I go. It’s like a credit card and ID. Gotta have them!

2) Yoga. You can do yoga anywhere!!! I did yoga on the beach. It’s so relaxing!


3) Swim laps. Don’t be afraid of the water! If its warm, get in there! Swim around for 20 minutes. Swimming is so good for every muscle in your body. Treading water works great too 🙂

I can’t believe we spent all day on the beach. It was so relaxing and I came to the conclusion about several things.

1) I am beyond lucky to have figured this life thing out. My content level couldn’t be any higher. I’m lounging in my chair catching some sun and just think to myself, “This is living.” The secret to life is being happy. I guess I am always so busy working on projects that I sometimes get caught up and forget to enjoy the journey.

2) You don’t need someone else to make you happy. You don’t even need someone else to vacation with, but it sure is nice.

3) A lot of the things I do in life aren’t as pertinent as I think. Meaning: I need to relax more often! All things will work themselves out. This doesn’t mean I should stop working toward my goals, it just means that sometimes we fight and push for things that were never meant to happen. Why waste the time? Apply yourself toward something that’s on your side.


Shoutout to my hometown Cassville, Missouri. This is for a special request! Hope you like it Rhonda! 🙂


 Finally, we decide to leave. We are walking back and out of the middle of the road we see a photographer friend I met on the ferry! So we hitched a ride with him, which was nice, because we were tired!







Then, we met our island friend at a local hot spot named Across the Street.

Funny because Misty was like, “but what’s ACROSS THE STREET.”

We met the owner, whom was extremely nice. The service and employee’s are great too!


Funny story….

The craziest thing happened: I lost Desiree. I call her and no answer, it goes straight to voicemail. We go into the city in search of her. Apparently when you lose someone you just go walk from bar to bar and ask if anyone has seen them. This is straight island living!!! Everyone knows everyone. I love it! I truly admire how they look out for one another. Of course, I’m not feeling to hot since I’m the one that lost my friend…
Meanwhile…  Rarity, our “Universal Unicorn” makes a debut.

Yes, he has a Unicorn in his pocket.



Finally we get a call from Desiree, “I was searching for bioluminescence and my phone was on airplane for some reason.”

We regroup and along our journey back into town, we run into a local, named “Sketch,” who makes us this:  IMG_9563 It’s Desiree and I. Do you see the resemblence?

The best part of the evening beside all the new friends…. A nighttime swim in the ocean!!!

The water is warm and the sky is empty. It’s incredible how you feel so small against the giant ocean and the unending sky.


A moment to treasure for sure.


Misty & Desiree


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