Hawks Nest Beach

Day 3 in St. John, USVI

slept until 1. I believe we stayed out way too late the night before.

Woke up and went to eat at an amazing sandwich shop called Northshore Deli with Charlie. Desiree didn’t make it out this day. She needed some much deserved R&R. I ordered tuna salad and a local green salad. The salad was fresh and amazing!

Got some coffee, I’d been craving it. It must be the European influence my friends in Italy have on me. I blame them for getting me into this habit!

I fuel myself through most of the day with green tea pills. Why was my diet like this?

1) because I am balling on a budget.

2) island food is expensive

3) just because it’s expensive, does not mean it’s good. I am picky with my diet. I always bring things I know I like with me. Like Kind bars and Cavemen bars. I lived off of fruit & nut bars and canned tuna.


Next, we went to a super secluded beach called Hawks Nest Beach. I laid out a little (must have been when I got all the bug bites.)

Here is a link on nooseums: http://healthresearchfunding.org/handle-noseeum-bites/

You get them when the sun isn’t out, from what I can tell, and that day my towel was in the shade. That or they love me because I am so sweet.


I attempted to finish my Tantra book by OHSO, but I couldn’t resist the beach any longer. After reading and meditating for about 40 minutes I went for a swim. Swimming is one of my favorite things. In fact, I taught swim lessons when I was younger. People trust me with their kids lives, its a big deal!


The sun didn’t give us long, maybe 2 hours before we had to head home. I woke up Desiree and we went to “Lime Inn” for some food. I have onion soup, thinking it would be a big bowl of broth. Instead It was mostly cheese and bread. Those are two things most definitely not allowed in my diet.  ( see!!! this is why I bring my own goodies or eat only from the local markets when I am on vacation) You never know what exactly what you are going to get.

On the walk home I stopped at a BBQ place to get a roasted chicken. You see, Charlie and Desiree had been trying to talk me into eating meat again. I arrived to the USVI on a vegan diet, then started eating fish, then worked my way up to chicken. I don’t believe in cutting a whole food category out. And I typically switch between fruit/veggie/raw diet (including sushi) and a high protein/low fat diet where I cut out more of the fruits and nuts. Regardless, I listen to my body and what it is craving! I can do this, because I have spent so much time on other diets and practices, that I know what it wants and needs now.




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Day 3 in St. John, USVI slept until 1. I believe we stayed out way too late the night before. Woke up and went...

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