Dont Love Me Any Less Than I love Myself

Rule #1: don’t love me any less than I can.

The only love quote she had ever known.
It wasn’t a song, a haiku, or a poem.
It was a feeling in her heart that hadn’t been shown.
Some days she lost sight
Feeling restless and tired of wondering about Mr. Right.
Her whole life she had been taught it was just a matter of time
he would come running along and ask, “will you be mine?”
Although, despite being so independent she was defiant at times.
Fanning the flame, desolation manifested itself inside.
Determined, not settling for less, the thought of love evaded her mind.
Since then, thoughts of romance rarely crossed her wondering mind.
Until one day, she softened her gaze.
She open her eyes, and awakened toward praise.
The life she had been living was an emotionless cast.
It all came about with lingering thoughts of her past.
Force had finally met a bridge it couldn’t surpass.
How long have I been resting my heart?
There was no painless way out.
Her escape route was falling apart.
Clearly and all at once, the feelings came flooding back.
Her heart broke into pieces.
And finally she found love at last.
Smiling, she replaced the doubts and the hurt.
It was her who needed to love herself.
Shedding the baggage, dead weight, and fear.
She was convicted.
She hasn’t noticed until now that the person she needed was right exactly here.
Over her heart, she placed her hand.
She accepted the challenge.
To stick to plan
To be as open and loving as anyone can.
From then onward she vowed not to let anyone love her less than that ideal feeling she initially had.
Misty Sunshine 🙂

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